FigJam is dedicated to supporting its affiliate partners.

It’s your traffic. You know your audience.

We appreciate the skills and capabilities that drive quality traffic and conversions for advertisers and as affiliates of FigJam, YOU are the driving force behind the scenes and we are committed to nurturing a quality relationship with you, based on integrity and service.

We’re here to cut through the clutter and bring you top-performing offers and high quality, content-rich web properties that maximize revenue potential of the top of funnel traffic that you direct our way.

If there’s a campaign you want to run, but can’t find in our network, just ask us for it and we will chase the offer down and use our influence to make it available to you.

Our focus, as a marketplace, is to make available:

On-demand, high-quality advertiser offers and a far-reaching distribution platform, that allows affiliates, who are doing business the right way, an easy to work with a partner that helps mitigate risk while maximizing reach and results.

If you would like to speak with a rep about becoming an affiliate partner of FigJam, please Contact Us and one of our Affiliate Managers will reach out to you.

“Who are we and who we are, are one in the same!”