FigJam is committed to building sustainable, long-term relationships with our advertising partners and clients, earning business through trust and proven performance.

Ad Placement + Ad Prominence = Advertiser Value

FigJam’s web properties are constantly being optimized for placement and prominence in order to attract viewer attention while stimulating engagement.

FigJam Offers delivers an immediate rate of return on your digital media advertising investment to effectively grow your business. FigJam provides access to a vast network of high-volume, digital affiliate marketers who, themselves, optimize distribution to drive quality traffic to your website, forms, landing pages, and so on.

In addition, FJO understands the nature of internet marketing and is dedicated to protecting the brands of its clients by promoting offers responsibly on the web. We have due diligence procedures in place to make sure affiliates consistently employ marketing best practices and enforce compliance at every level of distribution.

If you need assistance with creative development or feedback on a campaign’s performance, we can help. You have key performance metrics to meet and cost-per-sale goals to reach. We understand. We bring years of online advertising experience to produce great results for our partners.

If you would like to speak with a rep about becoming an advertiser partner of FigJam, please Contact Us and one of our Advertiser Managers will reach out to you.

“Who are we and who we are, are one in the same!”