Digital Advertising

Digital display advertising is how we keep the lights on, both literally and figuratively.

While the literal aspect of this statement is self-explanatory, the figurative facet is much more complex with many moving parts.

Ad Partners

FigJam Publishing (FJP) works with a variety of ad sourcing partners to procure and place relevant display ads (banners, pop-ups, redirects, videos, etc) on FJP-owned websites with high consumer engagement and pass-through web traffic.

Brand Identities

FigJam Publishing’s website traffic sources rely heavily on quality partnerships with brand advertisers, partner agencies, digital media vendors, email service providers (ESPs), internet service providers (ISPs), redirect and exit traffic partners, and other varying forms of data feeds to ensure consumer-conscious, segmented, and compliant advertising practices.


FigJam Publishing’s content creators focus on the development of easy-to-digest, consumer-focused content. This quality content is designed to optimize audience readership and engagement and all articles are rich in keyword placement. This approach provides strong SEO positioning and improved relevance of FJP’s advertising resources.

“Who are we and who we are, are one in the same!”