What is FigJam?

When next-gen, cutting-edge technology reveals new revenue streams, fueled by content creation and innovative distribution, you have the perfect storm of opportunity.

Through our many data feed and redirect partners, exit traffic sources, and organic traffic, FigJam is uniquely positioned to make an impactful and lasting impression on consumers.

FigJam Publishing is a technically-minded development group of content-rich, household name B2C websites that have taken the conventional Field of Dreams approach of “build it and they will come” and flipped it on its head. Instead of building a website, creating content, and hoping that consumers “stumble” on it over time, we have accomplished optimal reach by securing traffic first and then creating the content demanded by our audience segments. In short, we are not doing anything that would be considered to be, proverbially “new,” but our approach and how we do what we do, is very new.

While we do follow conventional methods of generating organic web traffic in the same way as any other media outlet, FigJam has built and developed a vast network of source-traffic partners that mitigates the typical ebb and flow of organic consumer traffic. Add into the mix innovative social and search strategies that set us apart from the herd and we have carved out a niche opportunity to not only deliver content that we believe genuinely adds value to our viewer’s lives, but also adds value for our website monetization partners.

On that note, an important distinction between FigJam Publishing properties and other content-based web properties is that we measure our company impact by the people and places that we positively touch and influence, not merely how profitable any given web property is at a given time.

While we frequently look to the pioneers of media and content distribution for inspiration, we also take the approach of being “altogether separate.” While Ted Hughes said, “Nothing in life is free. Everything has to be paid for,” we are not such idealists that we do not understand that common economic necessity, so we decided to pay first and source reliable streams of consumer traffic by front-loading them into our ecosystem and creating relevant content that keeps them there. 10 years in the making, but now we’re here!

“Who are we and who we are, are one in the same!”