FigJam Publishing Ad Serving Policy

Ad Serving

Advertising is a core part of FigJam Publishing’s business. Many of our free brands, websites, apps, advertising services, products, services or technologies (“Services”) are supported by the ads we and others display. We also provide a variety of online advertising services to other companies that want to place ads on our Services or elsewhere.

FigJam Publishing displays ads both on our owned and operated Services and on FigJam Publishing sites, apps, and services. FigJam Publishing serves display ads, also known as graphical ads, which appear as images, animation, or video. FigJam Publishing also serves text ads that appear as text links. FigJam Publishing’s advertising platforms provide the means for advertisers, agencies, publishers, and ad networks to manage their advertising business.

Ad Selection

Ads are more effective when they are shown to people who are likely to be interested in the product or service advertised. For this reason, we use the information we collect and receive to help us select which ads to show you.

We may select these ads based on the content of the page or app on which they appear. For instance, if you are viewing a news article about a recently released album, FigJam Publishing may show you an ad for a music store that sells albums. Similarly, ads in health and fitness content may be related to fitness products. These kinds of ads are sometimes called “contextual ads.”

Other ads we select may be based on information we have collected or received about activities and interests on websites and apps used on your device and other associated devices. These ads are sometimes called “interest-based ads.” Some interest-based ads are based only on an isolated online activity, such as if you were to go to an online bookstore and view a particular novel. The bookseller might want to show you an ad for that novel because you’re probably more interested in buying it than the average online user. This kind of interest-based advertising is sometimes called “retargeting” or “remarketing.”

Other interest-based ads are shown based on your online activities over time and across different websites and apps used on your various devices. We may collect information about your online activities in this way in order to make predictions about what products or services might be of interest to you. Based on these predictions, we and other companies may categorize you as belonging to a “segment” of users to which advertisers may be interested in showing ads. For example, if you’ve recently visited a car dealer’s website, you might be grouped in an “Auto Intenders” segment, and a car dealer who places ads with us might want us to show ads to the users who are in this segment. 

We also select ads to show you based on other information you provide or that we collect from other sources.

Data Use To Provide More Relevant Advertising

As explained above, we use the data we collect or receive about you to help us show ads for products or services that you are likely to be interested in and make the advertising we serve more effective.

FigJam Publishing may use information you provide or that it receives, including information that on its own could reasonably identify you, to tailor ads when you use our Services or the services of others. FigJam Publishing may also analyze your use of our Services, including your engagement with the ads we show you, to improve the effectiveness of our advertising platforms, limit the number of times you see the same ad, and measure the effectiveness of the specific ads we serve.

When showing you ads on a search results page, information about your browsing behavior and your search query may be used to display more relevant ads. 

FigJam Publishing’s systems may analyze all content (including email and messenger communications) to match and serve targeted advertising.

FigJam Publishing may tailor ads based on location.

FigJam Publishing may use information you provide, to tailor ads when you are using our Services.

FigJam Publishing uses a variety of tools, including, but not limited to, IP Addresses, web beacons, SDKs, cookies, and similar technologies, to support FigJam Publishing advertising services.

FigJam Publishing may personalize ads to you based upon activities of accounts and devices associated with you.

FigJam Publishing may target, serve, and measure advertisements on third party websites to browsers with limited cookie support, such as those enabled with Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) or similar cookie-blocking technology. In such cases, the information used may be derived from information collected on FigJam Publishing owned and operated products or third party web sites and applications. 

We use data that we receive from other sources to help us provide more effective advertising. For example, we may use data that is available from public or commercial sources and combine it with other data we have collected or received about a user or the user’s device for these purposes.

We do not use, or allow others to use, sensitive financial account number data or other sensitive data (as defined by the self-regulatory programs listed below) to determine eligibility for health insurance, life insurance, or employment. We also do not target ads to users based on sensitive health data, including cancer, mental health-related conditions, and sexually-related areas.

If a user appears interested in non-sensitive, health-related topics (such as by visiting pages related to such a topic) an ad relevant to those interests may be displayed. We also may display non-sensitive, health-related ads to users who we or our advertisers believe may be an appropriate audience for such topics. 


If you have questions, suggestions, or wish to make a complaint, please complete a feedback form or you can contact us at